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Melissa here! I want to thank you for stopping by and checking out my page as I truly appreciate you spending your time with me. 

I am a Psychic & Certified Medium as well as a Healer whose focus is to make a positive impact in as many people’s lives as possible while I am here on earth. This has now transitioned to using my gifts to guide individuals as an Intuitive Business Coach offering 1:1 sessions and programs. 

If you have never heard of me before – no worries as I have only recently started sharing my gifts on a global level. As my wish is to connect with as many individuals who either require psychic/intuitive readings for themselves or connect as a medium to the other side to give peace to the living & deceased.

To say I am passionate about healing is an understatement! I started healing work at 16 working in a local clinic and was inspired to start my own company at the age of 17 in 2005. This has allowed me to create & focus upon the styles and varieties of healing modalities that intuitively spoke to me. With anything from becoming an Registered Massage Therapist & Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher to a Certified Medium my heart is warmed by learning more that can assist, teach and inspire others…. 

If you have any questions or would like to learn more feel free to check out my other pages here or join me on social media with the links I’ve shared below as I would love to have you be a part of any of my communities. <3

Love & Light,

Melissa Badine (hugs & high fives) 


In person & distance healing sessions

In person & distance psychic/medium readings

Online business & intuition based programs & courses

Coaching programs & calls


  • What can I say about Melissa and her Reiki Classes…
    I’ve had the privilege of learning alongside Melissa as fellow students, as well as being her student and one thing that stands out so clearly is how passionate she is about all things spiritual, healing and empowering all people to live their best lives.
    Having had the privilege of being in her Reiki Classes, it is obvious Melissa put in a lot of work to keep the content true to it origins, while maintaining current day relevance and spinning her own magic into it. It is easy to sense the hours and years of study and living her talk that Melissa has put into her work. She teaches with the easy approachable calmness of an experienced instructor , speaking easily from the heart of real life experience. Her classes are informative, timely and energizing. I was left feeling empowered and fully qualified to move forward and work with clients. I have nothing but praise for Melissa and her classes, as well as all her other available sessions. Full Five Stars from me!
  • Melissa Badine has taken her passion for business, people and meditation and incorporated it into a one of a kind course! Find and Follow Your Soul's Purpose is enlightening and encouraging for first time entrepreneurs. It also challenges those existing entrepreneurs to take their small business to a new realm. Melissa provides an engaging learning environment while you make your way through the comprehensive modules. The course is broken down so it's easy to follow and the "experts" add a nice touch .  If you are considering signing up for the course, I encourage you do it! I have been a small business owner for several years, and taking this course has been invaluable.

    Kristy Howes
  • I met Melissa in RMT school where we grew to be great friends! Melissa had a lot of different advice for me starting up my business as she had already done it for several years! I avoided a lot of situations because of the advice & information I had received from Melissa! Which I am grateful for! Melissa is an amazing person and always wants the best for people and for people to succeed! I’m excited for her to grow in the future and follow her dreams!

    Jolene Wiebe
  • My 4 card past present future distance future reading from Melissa was great. Inspired and motivated again, thanks love! If you are thinking about trying do. It's great. I was expecting a written quick reading but it was an audio file so I listened to her shuffle and everything! Very cool. It's only $30 do it quick the 24 hour sale runs out in like 6 hours!!! Thanks again Melissa xo

    Kim Emond
  • I just have to say thank you so much to Melissa Banman Badine, I just finished her unlock your intuition course two days ago and I am floored at what it has let me be able to do already.️ I bought some angel cards for Christmas and have been using them for myself but since the course I decided to try a past, present, future and distant future reading for my husband and I can't believe the difference in accuracy and confidence I had and the cards had by me removing my ego! I highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn about their intuition, Melissa is a great teacher I enjoyed this course thoroughly and will definitely be taking more

    Candace Myles
  • I had a reading at the Carm's Fair. I had 3 that day and yours hit home the most. You are amazing at what you do! You are so genuine, honest and omgosh you are funny as shit! You made me feel comfortable and helped guide me into the path my soul needs to take. I am forever grateful and I can't wait to have another reading and take some courses from you. You are an inspiration and we are blessed to have you as part of our journeys. So people.... Get your reading asap! Your life will be forever enriched!!

    Leah Stranzl
  • I love the way you explain things... that's where it hit home and days and even weeks later I found stuff you had said ringing through my head. Amazing!

    Leah Marsh
  • I had a short reading with you this past weekend, and I have to say it was life changing!

    Amanda Dobie
  • I have had three cards pulled on your facebook lives and each one has been bang on for me. First was my intuition, second was me loving music and how it bring me closer to my girls, then about my mother in law being an older generation who doesn't understand what I do. Then today you told me I would be moving in a month or month and a half and thats exactly what I have been saying. Your gift is amazing and I look forward to a long friendship with you, learning and creating in harmony.

    Melissa Krechler

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