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I recommend that we all pull back the curtains to help make each others lives a little easier. Which is why I am offering value right off the hop with some of my life hacks here below. Disclaimer: I believe in these products and opportunities so much that I became an affiliate so some of these have affiliate links where in full transparency I hold an opportunity to financial gain from you using my link. But I honestly would recommend these anyways as I truly do believe in these. 

Love & Light - Melissa Badine 


Are you looking to connect with your own audience and clients? See I have used many different email marketing platforms and I found one that has it all with such beautiful templates all while getting to support a women based business. 

Click below to grab your own 50% discount to help you build your brand while sharing your messaging with your peeps. 

Flodesk Discount


Now I am a firm believer that we all hold a natural knack, gift, awareness or passion that others are searching for. You may not realize the value you carry but I created a little organization freebie to help you put your passion to paper to help you create an opportunity to share, teach and empower others to learn your craft. 

All you need to do is click the link below and save this board as your own to help you share the value you hold. 

Trello Freebie


Groove Funnels - have you heard the infamous word FUNNELS lately? Well I’ve again tried out multiple different platforms and from each platform I look for tech ease, this is one that I've jumped ship from one platform to gather a lifetime access opportunity you may want to check out.  

If you are looking to jump into a lifetime opportunity to scale your online & digital brand I recommend clicking below. As there is something for everyone inside.

Groove Funnels Discount


Now if you are not someone who has a ton of spare time and would like support to get your ideas from paper to launch I recommend that you outsource the tasks that don't light you up. How you may ask? Join Fiverr for free and hire out the tasks whether on an individual or contract basis. 

From here you can build every aspect of your business, which is why I personally shared my own little discount code for you to test out. 

Fiverr Discount


Now I'm sure you've noticed that videos outperform written context on all social media platforms. 

But you may not all the tech savy tools or techniques on your side. At least that was me for the editing aspect. But what if you have an app that you can hold the button and it helps to create fantastic mini videos for your marketing needs.

Click below to check it out...

Spark Link


Evvera is committed to providing high performance, revolutionary products that have been carefully sourced from around the globe.

Sharing that they believe beauty shouldn’t cost a fortune. Our products deliver and exceptional beauty experience and REAL results!

Join our rapidly growing global, beauty positive culture and community of influencers who embrace beauty, celebrate one another and dedicate themselves to personal development.

Make-Up Made Easy


These days there are so many niche's we can hold awareness to what we have a talent with and photography isn't mine. But you wouldn't know this when looking at my branding as I utilize Canva for all my marketing & branding.  

There is free access as well as the opportunity to upgrade which you can choose to do at any time. But don't take my word for it - check it out yourself. 

Canva Credit


Are you looking to simplify the stressful aspects of your business. Maybe looking for ways to save time and organize your brand? 

As this app was my game changer with offering follow up email support, email organization as well as online appointment scheduling software. Clients schedule appointments, pay, and complete intake forms online 24/7. Free signup!

As I'm all about working smarter not harder. Check out Acuity here.

Fiverr Discount

Usui Reiki Level 1

"The blueprint to help you own your gifts of becoming your own healer, on an a body, mind and soul level."


The Awakened Sisterhood

"The hands-down most comprehensive online training to help you grow, develop and enjoy your intuitive gifts."


The Intuitive Alignment Lab

"A break down with implementational opportunities to help you use your own intuitive gifts to help you stay aligned and scale your biz."


The Healer Biz Breakdown

"Your 5-Step Process to Plan, Create, Launch, Promote, Scale Your Own Healing Abilities Within A Masterclass"

Watch Out World, I'm Ready

Imagine, all the best FREE tools right at your fingertips ...
Oh wait, you don't have to imagine! Grab some top hits and start rocking your hustle girl!