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Hi Beautiful 

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Melissa Badine and I am a coffee addicted mother of 2 who married my grade 9 boyfriend which is me kindly stating I married my favourite weirdo. 

I've always been the weird duck myself in a room and learned to turn this into an opportunity vs a hardship through personal development and authentic connection.

As I wasn't always honest with others, before you judge this statement I want to explain it a little further. See I would feel things in my physical body when meeting others or I would also just randomly know things. Which when I would verbalize these experiences and insights I was deemed odd/weird and lead me to believe was unnatural. So I hid them, I hid myself and I wasn't authentic.

But through developing myself as a healer when I became a Registered Massage Therapist & Usui/Karuna Reiki Teacher I learned that I needed to heal myself before healing others, and this is when my intuition sky rocketed. This is where the story gets interesting... 

As I Realized I Was A Psychic Medium

I realized you are too! But many of us don't resonate with those terms or hold limiting beliefs or blocks on owning and developing ourselves in this sense. Now the beauty of free will is amazing as you get to choose whether you wish to invest your time and energy in this space, and that my friend is the true gift. 

We all can read the energy of a room, object, person or place. But our ego is what halts us from speaking on this due to fear of judgement or being wrong etc. 

But life threw me some hardships and I grew the thick skin I prayed for. See I lost my little sister due to mental health and addiction struggles that she fought with for years and to honour her (Nikki Banman) I speak up on the uncomfortable and truly wish to help women find empowerment in themselves. It hurts to see so many search externally for validation or guidance when it truly sits inside you, whether you refer to it as: intuition, christ consciousness, god connection etc. This is also my main reason for creating my membership community (The Awakened Sisterhood) as it is a safe space for women to grow, support and authentically show up. I see you and I am here for you...

Turning My Mess Into My Message Finding The Positive

As we are all capable of holding a cup half empty perspective but I didn't enjoy the taste of that water from life. So I chose to find an opportunity in tragedy and got loud. Loud on how to find yourself authentically. Loud on how to follow your passion. Now my favourite loud was to find our tribe through showing up. So I invite you to join me if you resonate as I hear you and see you. You are not alone in your hardship. 


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If you are someone who has been looking to turn a passion, hobby or product into your own business opportunity. 

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All while engaging with individuals like yourself who are open to authentic connections while honouring their souls calling. 

Again this facebook group is 100% for you.

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To blending opportunities of spiritual alignment in your personal & professional advice.

This group brings opportunity to collaborate the two. 

Find & Follow Your Souls Purpose

What Others Have To Say About Me

My Goal Is To Help You

Rise - Empowered & Aligned

Within yourself as you are the healer you've been looking for. My goal in us connecting is to help simplify, empower and assist you on owning your gifts. 

Ready 4 More

Dive a Little Deeper

I Am A Soul Living A Human Experience& So Are YOU

One thing I encourage is that we speak kindly to ourselves as we work through this journey as there is so much for us to capture, grow and heal from. 

I Am A Forever Student As There Is Always Room For Growth

Which is why I love sharing in coaching & mentorship opportunities as my goal is to help scale your journey while taking you along .

I Am Here For YOU

When You're Read

As I love truly working with individuals who are ready to step in the ring and do the work. My goal for my clients is to help you feel empowered in your own gifts as your own Healer to even owning your Intuitive gifts. With a secret hope that you share this knowledge with others to create a beautiful ripple effect in the world. 

Are You Ready To Tap Into Your Gifts As An Intuitive Healer...

Heck Yasss

Why I Do This?

I lost my sister due to mental health and addiction struggles in 2017 and since then I have made it my mission to help empower other women to break through old wounds. 

Through showing them how they can tap into their gifts they have carried all along. 

To honour my sister Nikki, as she lost that part of herself and I wouldn't wish this loss on anyone. 

And by you either breaking a cycle yourself or helping others do the same we create a larger change in this life. 

Which is why I am so passionate about helping others find empowerment in self through owning their intuitive and natural healing abilities. 

You Are Worthy...

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