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If you are someone who is ready to show up, do the work, engage and take ownership on your own growth then I'm who you've been looking for. But if you are someone who doesn't love honesty, the odd cuss word or a yoga pant & mom bun rocking momma then I am not your cup of tea friend. Either way that's okay as I honour your journey and wish you well, while secretly manifesting that since you are here reading this that you resonate and we connect. 

Is This YOU?

Feeling Lost

Confused On The Process


Ready To Receive 

Open To Self Work

Basically I'm Here For Those Who Are Ready...

As not everyone is interested in looking at life through these lenses or developing themselves intuitively. And that is okay as I honour everyone for where they are and where they wish to go. 

But I hold my hand out to everyone with an intention of looking for those who ready to say YES! 

  • Yes to investing in their self care journey. 

  • Yes to working on their personal development. 

  • Yes to breaking generational patterns & limiting beliefs. 

  • Yes to standing in their power. 

  • Yes to owning their gifts and making a difference in the lives of others. 

  • Whether you are interested in developing your intuition to help you feel guided in your everyday life on a personal or professional journey. To even taking business coaching from someone who started their business in 2005 and full time for over a decade with some quick tips/hacks and insights to help save you the struggle of experiencing the harder life lessons I offer a little something for everyone.  

    The Awakened Sisterhood

    Is the perfect place for those who are new and open to develop their intuitive gifts as you get live monthly training with a supportive community. 

    With a common goal - empowerment in ourselves to help us make a ripple impact with those we come in contact with. 

    Ultimately raising the energetic vibration for the collective as we work on ourselves in a fun engaged space. 

    The goal of this community - is to help YOU find, develop and own your gifts.

    All while offering you opportunities to RISE. Rise in your self care, healing, intuitive & personal development with some sprinkles of random coaching to just help YOU feel supported. 

    Check Out Our Podcast

    Mom Bun Media is an opportunity to get to know me as I share you some life hacks, nuggets and laughter. 

    From the amazing guests I've had join me on my podcast leaving us with so many opportunities to grow, heal, scale and celebrate one another. 

    To even the raw moments in life that I felt pulled to share with you all. 

    This is the pull behind the curtains to help you see where you can utilize intuitive growth in your personal alignment as well as your professional aspirations. 

    You are able to find our podcast on Spotify, apple podcast as well as many other places.

    Set Up A Clarity Coach Call 

    If you are ready to invest on your spiritual growth with opportunities to learn on how to share your offerings with others. 

    As my whole mission is to help women develop their own intuitive gifts to help prevent an external search as the answers have been within you this whole time. 

    My goal is to help crack your code and assist you in independently healing on your terms so you can fully attract your goals. 

    Disclaimer: this is for those who are truly ready to do the work as I am not here to take your money if you aren't open to doing the work. I love for my energy exchanges to be equal always. Which is why my focus is on the results you are able to walk away from in our duration together that you can apply within your everyday life. 

    Are You A Mamma

    As I witness, see and feel those who try and balance the family dynamic while standing in your power I want you to know you're not alone. 

    You don't need to sacrifice your family time to work on your intuition or build your business if you work with the lazier format I like to share. 

    As TIME is the currency I run my life off of. See we will never get these daily moments back and in this belief many women lose themselves in the rush of life. Ultimately forgetting who they themselves are. 

    Which is part of what I love to work on with women as we go through these beliefs, and find empowerment in owning your authenticity. 

    As the world NEEDS the TRUE YOU as the cookie cutter versions of what we believe society needs isn't going to connect on a soul level to others beyond yourself. 

    Work To Break Generational Patterns

    Isn't that a fun kick in the gut to read. Especially if we are in the thick of our trauma response healing. But in reality we all have a story, and the narrative we continue to tell ourselves which perpetuates our reality. But we are in control of this narrative.

    I'm not telling you to say "I'm a millionaire 2x a day and then it's true". What I want to do is pull back the curtain on lack beliefs, where do they stem from, to even boundaries. While we work on the internal narrative you carry my motive is simple - I want you to truly see you in all your glory (good & bad).

    So when you start hearing your spirit team you can decipher if it's ego our your christ consciousness. 

    As you are already connecting to your gifts daily but the way you narrate this experience is what dictates your reality. 

    In turn does tie into Law of Attraction, Manifestation and Universal Laws. Which means you get to control how this journey plays out and my goal is to develop empowerment in yourself on a body, mind and soul level. 

    Ready To Step Into Your Goals

    As I connect to beauties daily I've noticed many want the end result without putting in the work. But in reality they are setting up false beliefs on what to expect. 

    Life takes work, and the results are reflective of how we show up through these challenges. 

    What I'm getting to here is that, in a session, workshop, coaching program, reading or other opportunities to connect I get blunt and direct to ultimately lead you to results. 

    I don't want to waste your time and I don't want you to waste mine as I want to truly help you. But if you are someone who likes staying comfortable without being vulnerable then you may not honestly benefit from working with me. 

    But if you do hold your goals near you with intent to follow through. You are open to interacting and taking action on opportunities the results are never ending in our reflection of how we can serve one another.

    Do You Need A Routine That Fits You

    As one thing I don't tend to market often is that I have OCD, which means I process things differently in a Neurodivergent sense. But this helps you - can you guess how?

    I like mind maps, written pdf's to highlight and audio/video content to follow along with. Which means I will show you my routines, exercises, opportunities to grow as you follow with me on this journey with one focus in mind. That you take what resonates and leave the rest so you can ultimately utilize these shares to help simplify your journey. 

    Whether it be through (The Awakened Sisterhood Membership), coaching, online courses, podcast episodes to even my in person and distance services the goal is the same. To help leave you empowered with clarity moving forward. 

    This stems from finding balance for yourself in whatever manner resonates for you.

    Are You Looking To Find Your Joy

    I want to break this down as simply as I can, but so often we are taught to chase the next carrot, experience, opportunity etc. 

    Leaving us feeling like we are unable to be fulfilled or in joy until we do.

    But when you find self love & awareness to your own intuitive guidance lead by your spirit team that is surrounded by love it's hard not to find joy. 

    Joy in the small moments, experiences, interactions and life synchronicities. 

    A focus I like to share in my day to day is to remembering to hold an attitude of gratitude. 

    Now does this mean I'm a saint that doesn't feel? Nope - let us not spiritually bypass our emotions. But sit with them and feel in order to heal. Ultimately allowing us space to work through what needs to take place from a trauma response. This way we can break any cycles and acknowledge our root triggers to our joy blockers if you will. 

    Share Your Passions

    When I meet people on their path for personal growth they all are like me and passionate about helping others see the opportunity in growth. 

    But it's not for everyone when we meet, which is my polite way to state (we can lead a horse to water but can't make them drink). 

    So from here I wanted to be honest and share that my goal is to plant seeds. Seeds for their free will to apply what resonate when they are called to do so. 

    Whether it's with your partner, children, family or friends our goal is to hold space and honest conversations. While allowing others to work through in their own pace what they are ready to absorb at their own time. 

    So this stems in the boundary work I share in my programs as well as the life hacks I like to offer in the event you find others open to fulfilling conversations beyond "how is the weather". 

    Are You Tired Of Cookie Cutter Content?

    As I know I am, I continuously read books on meditation, chakras and healing without the break down on how to. As They were setting up for a larger up sell. Which smart on their end for business growth. But my goal is to make an impact in the lives of others so you in turn are then inspired to help others as well. So if you resonate and want to have some fun on this journey you may just love joining our membership community

    (The Awakened Sisterhood). 

    Are You Looking For A Cheerleader In Your Life?

    As a coach is there to help push, guide and assist you through specific niche aspects in your life. 

    Whether you are looking for personal or professional assistance, the beauty is you are able to listen to your intuition to see if we are the right fit. As my goal is to empower my clients to learn how to listen to their own intuition. As this form of empowerment removes the need to search for external validation. 

    Looking For Opportunities To Balance Your Schedule?

    So often I hear how many women struggle to find time in their day, and I hear you!Which is why I love that my OCD has a purpose here as I have created PDF note books, journals, Trello boards, mind maps, live trainings as well as recorded trainings to take at your own pace.  

    As FAMILY is #1 in my mind so I want you to find a balance on your part of the journey with what works best within this focus. 

    My other main message is that TIME is our life currency so I prefer to dive right to the point and help you get to the root of what can help you.  

    Are You Ready To Unapologetically Ready To Show Up Authentically?

    As I honestly held myself back for years out of fear of judgement or failure. But the moment I truly showed up as myself was the moment success and authentic connections took form. Which is why in growth we need to care but not care at the same time. As I hold space for others absolutely but now in this part of my journey I no longer hold onto the opinions or input others wish to place on me. 

    Which if you knew me in high school I cared, I cared so much that I introverted from my own social anxiety. But today I find that the individuals I am blessed to work with on this journey have also been there and may still be. Which is why I want to help you remove the story of lack, fear or scarcity to see your full potential. As you hold so much value within yourself but from holding this part of authenticity back you are restraining your full potential of alignment. 

    Alignment in connections, conversations and time spent to help prevent you from burning out within this everyday matrix we play within not only for yourself but ripple effect you leave wherever you go. 

    Would You Like To Learn

    How To Connect To Your Spirit Team

    As my passion is helping women find alignment in developing their own intuitive connections to empower them on their journey so they no longer feel drawn to search externally for validation.

    See we are all intuitive the gift is developing ourselves.

    Which starts with mindfulness, awareness and communication.

    Self Care Broken Down 

    To not only prevent burn out, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritual disconnect.

    See many sell self care as iced coffees and meditation but it goes so much deeper. And believe me that sentence is hard to say as I LOVE COFFEE & ADORE MEDITATION.

    But we will address ways to prevent long term pains that could arise through reverse engineering your current path. WHY? To help prevent struggle and pain.

    Shadow Work

    As so often individuals rise to the title of healer, but what happens if they haven't done the self work. So this is why I am passionate about helping YOU become the HEALED HEALER through identifying our stories, triggers, traumas to help reduce struggles in your business and client relationships which in turns also helps you to show up fully for your clients.

    As I've experienced Countertransference in life from business interactions and it has been an ingrained reminder to help others prevent this struggle.


    Expansion in every aspect as I love sharing multiple avenues to grow whether we are looking at our physical self, to our mental & emotional space and drum roll here "spiritual expansion" as we are truly souls living a human experience.

    The best part is you get to decide how you want to show up and focus your energy.

    My goal is to guide and empower you while giving you the behind the scenes life hacks from nearly two decades on the scenes of growth.

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